Hypomania Paper

Here is a paper I found while organizing my bookshelves yesterday that is a good example of what I’m like when I’m hypomanic. Context: I was in a class where we were trying to plan teaching lessons for middle school children we’d be teaching for a few months twice a week.

12 thoughts on “Hypomania Paper

      1. Definitely true. I have only had one full manic episode and I would say I had a depressive episode follow for about 6 months, I just pulled myself out about 2 months ago now.


      2. I’m really glad you’re out of it now. I’ve never experienced anything in my life more painful than deep depression (and I hope never to). I’ve only had hypomanic episodes, which is why (as I’m sure you know all about this with your career) I am labeled type 2 bipolar.


      3. I experienced a mixed manic episode so I was depressed and manic (extreme anxiety) at the same time, it was horrible – not cheerful or euphoric at all. In hindsight I think I have had hypomanic episodes before. Depression is something I’ve been living with on/off since adolescence. I know that horrible feeling.


      4. I’ve also had depression since childhood. I was put on Prozac for the first time when I was somewhere between 10-12 years old.


      5. Wow, I can imagine that’s really tough when you are a kid and trying to grow up into your own. I first started taking medication when I was 21 and it was very helpful and insightful at that time.


      6. What medications do you currently take? I’ve been on nearly everything but right now I take Latuda (for the bipolar), Neurontin (for anxiety) and Klonopin sometimes (for when the anxiety gets really bad).


      7. I am on Latuda too and Lamotrigine (anti-depressant) and Cipralex (ssri for anxiety). I have taken Cipralex for years but took myself off it (dumb) and tried to start back up which sparked my manic episode but after months and months of depression and anxiety I went back on it because I knew it helped overall, the others are to balance my mood. My doctors and I have talked about cutting back doses and getting off the antidepressant but agreed to wait for some major transitions to pass to ensure stability. Overall it’s a good cocktail.


      8. Sounds like a very smart cocktail to me. ❤ My health insurance is going to change when I turn 26 in October and the new health insurance really sucks (it's the one my husband gets through his school) and I'm afraid I won't be able to get my Latuda and will have to go off it while I battle the insurance about it. It's giving me a lot of anxiety because I feel like without the Latuda I would go crazy, be completely disfunctional and maybe try to hurt myself again.


      9. Sorry to hear that, I have a hard time paying for it too. I have no health insurance, I live in Canada though so luckily I get a lot of other services for free. It’s stupid how expensive these drugs are. I wish they had a generic version at least.


      10. They will eventually – Latuda is just too new of a drug, they aren’t allowed to make generics of it yet. I’ve been on almost everything else though and it’s the ONLY thing that keeps me as balanced as I think it’s possible for me to be.


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