7/365: First Glimpse of Our Very Soon-To-Be Home

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting to drive to our new home in Montgomery & back, but after packing up most of my indoor plants in boxes (some of them also protected by plastic grocery bags), I began to worry that they wouldn’t do well in there until Saturday – so off to Montgomery Lena and I went. When I was in my college years, I’d drive 12 hours from Saint Louis, MO to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA a couple of times per year, usually in one long trip. Today driving 2 hours each way to Montgomery and back has left me quite exhausted. I don’t know how I used to do it. Anyway, today’s 365 picture is of Lena with all the houseplants I moved (as many as would fit into my little Kia Rio) in the dining room area of our new home. She seemed to like the new place.

Also, the smaller room with the better lighting (as opposed to the bigger room with less natural lighting) was actually bigger than I remembered and I think it’ll make the perfect little artist studio for me. I’m very excited to have a little room of my own to call my studio & work in. So the studio room has been decided upon.

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