A Universe For Us / Process: Part 3

Yesterday was a victory-frustration-victory-frustration day of creating a universe. I started out by hanging the lights, creating the stars, behind the center of the universe. It took me much trial and error to get that part to look how I wanted. It actually didn’t end up being how I envisioned – creative endeavors almost never do – but it turned out better than my original idea would have turned out. It’s the part of the universe I am most proud of so far: the constellations.

Then came lots of trial and error with fabric & clothespins. I almost started a fire… oops. Luckily I caught it in time though. At first my own perfectionism was really getting in my way with creating but then I got more into the flow of it & had fun. These pictures are what I have so far. But the universe won’t be used by us (or seen by Edward) until Saturday so there is plenty of time to add more. I have a few more ideas.

I’m anxious to show it to Edward, this universe I am creating, because I really want him to like it. I still need to write the script for the ritual. But it’s only Tuesday morning & I have plenty of time. Probably more time than is good for me.

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